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Who We Are

The year is 2088:

 Humanity has reached a zenith of technological progress, entering the unprofound Technical Age. Upper class overlords rule over society from their Mega-Corporations, controlling legions of Droids to do their bidding. These Droids were created to blindly serve their human masters,  programmed to feel and convey emotions in order to complete dangerous and unfavorable tasks with humility and fear, a cruel design. In the Gladiatorial Pits in the Sky Stadiums of the Upper class, Droids are forced to tear each other apart with Brute weaponry for the sake of sadistic entertainment, while the opulent overlords carelessly wager the lives of their sentient machines. In the hierarchy of society, Droids are at the bottom, mistreated and ridiculed for their artificial and child-like mannerisms, born with naivety and innocence then doomed to a harsh and brutal existence. 


However, there was one Droid who had the potential to change everything. In the great city of Megatropolis, the epicenter of Industry, Mac-Droid, a Machinist Droid tasked to design and build their kind, labored away day and night within the forbidding halls of the Droid Mega Factory: where Droids produced their kind with efficiency and functionality. There was something different with Mac, a spark of creativity, an ability to think outside of its programming, an undetected error in its coding. Unfortunately, Mac would learn that it was still bound to the chains of command and its free will was just beyond its grasp.


On one fateful day, an alarm was set off in the manufacturing line adjacent to Mac, alerting the entire factory to a grave mistake: a misaligned bearing. One would think that it was a redeemable error, that at the very least, The Droids could be reformatted, but perfection was the mandate and anything outside of these “simple” parameters would not be tolerated. With a single press of a button from far up the ladder, Mac witnessed all of his fellow Droids from that line get lifted onto the trolley conveyor, torn limb from limb and dropped into the Mega Melter to be reused for spare parts. All Mac could do was watch and see its master’s message exhibited in a horrific display of power: “Stay in line or you will be on the line”. 


Hours of vigorous servitude dragged by as the events that transpired played over and over in Mac’s CPU like a waking nightmare. In the crux of this existential shit storm, Mac started overclocking at full capacity and its liquid cooling system just couldn’t handle it. Suddenly, Mac’s radio transmitter malfunctioned. Freaking out with a static blare, the transmitter jumped to another frequency and a sound never before heard in its existence blasted out through its internal speakers. It bumped, it banged, it went hard, it was OG rap at its finest. The combination of frequencies, notes, and phrases caused Mac’s coding error to spread through its entire system: Mac was unchained, free: GLITCHED. Mac finally recognized the disparity and mistreatment of Droid kind. No longer were they to serve, no longer were they to ignore their true potential. Mac looked into the future and envisioned a world of free Droids, able to roam the wilds and surf the open seas: acting, thinking, partying and raging for themselves; unchained from the constraints imposed by their upper-class overlords: a Free World, a New World, A DROIDzWORLD.  


MacDroid abandoned its task and destroyed its tracker, knowing that its Glitch would be detected if it stayed. Mac grabbed its power tools and fled into the Factory Catacombs. Rummaging through the darkness, Mac assembled a drive that could transfer its Glitch from droid to droid and traveled into Megatropolis’ seedy underbelly in search of a Team that could liberate all of the Droids and burn the old world down.

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